Sunday, 29 January 2017

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"We escorts in Bangalore are seductive and alluring women and are addictive in nature and do be warned on the obsessive dealing with call girls in Bangalore"
We forewarn all our clients in honesty of our ability and are quite addictive in nature and if the client does not have self-control he may have a hole in his pocket.
We escorts in Bangalore honestly confess whatsoever we whisper in the ears of the client on the hired time is all false and all those moans of love at the intimate moments is bogus in the act of love.
True love lies at home and true love is that awakens the soul and craves a man for more and lightens the fire in him and brings the inner peace within himself and is available only at home and we escorts are selling flavored and artificial love tagged with a good price tag.
If the readers are quite shocked to read our writings in awakening the client we honestly confess we are not here to sell our self and the truth is we are salable products and need no platform to sell ourself and the intention is to expose the illusionary image of love and expose the unreality of porn.
Porn is a multi-million dollar business started by the European world in the form of magazines and videos and is stimulators to the lust of men and a propaganda that explicit sex that is not a reality and Porn by the western culture is similar to Coke and Pepsi which is harmful to health
True love is eternal and is available only at home and all love available outside from us call girls in Bangalore is only for the predetermined time and extinguishes once the stipulated time is over.
We call girls in Bangalore are in reality selfish and insecure souls and we escorts in Bangalore are out of control at times and are hard to handle individuals at times and if the client is not able to handle the worst in us he does not deserve the best in us and we are humans prone to the moods.
We call girls in Bangalore live only once and are passionate individuals in our trade of escorting and have no regrets in choosing the escorting business and live the life of an escort the queen way and live life the queens size.
We female escorts in Bangalore strongly believe Insanity is a stage of doing the same over and over again and expecting good results every time and we call girls in Bangalore are over playing the act of love over and over again in excess to expect good results and confess the truth in our profession in honesty and it is better we escorts in Bangalore are hated for what we are rather than be loved for what we do and this hard reality in life runs our life!!

We escorts in Bangalore do not want to be comfortable with the lie rather we prefer to live the truth and live the life we are destined in queens size.

Bangalore Escorts | Independent Escorts in Bangalore |

"We call girls in Bangalore are in a profession where we do not fool around with our clients but the reality is our clients are been exploited by us escorts in Bangalore with our alluring and bewitching looks"
We do not blame the clients in the process as we understand we female escorts in Bangalore are irresistible and captivating women on prowl for our preys.
When men become addictive with the escorting girls in Bangalore and when the addiction becomes abusive then a cure has to be found and the only remedy for excessive womanizing is love from the family members.
In the business of escorting survival is for the people who keep trying for the best and if there is no effort from the individual pursuing escorting trade there will be no result and all endeavor by the escorts in Bangalore are resulted in gains and escorting trade is a thriving and burgeoning business in India.
We call girls in Bangalore do not count our success in the business as final destination and do not count the pitfalls on our daily life as fatal but it is the courage of us escorts in Bangalore that counts on our voyage as female escorts in Bangalore.
We call girls in Bangalore are pursuing the career as an escort in Bangalore to be successful in life and we understand being successful is what we wanted and being happy and appeased as an escort in Bangalore and the worst part is when people envy us female escorts in Bangalore in being happy.
We escorts in Bangalore are in the clarity there is no perfection in the line of our work and nobody had perfected the art of love and we are in the continues effort of being better lovers until we wear off.
We escorts in Bangalore have pursued the job of escorting on a situation with no substitute solution for us to pursue and when we call girls in Bangalore are expecting a better life style we do expect to suffer vertigo!!
We call girls in Bangalore are dealing with enough diversified Individuals and with experience are equipped in handling weird requests and fetish fantasies of men.
Once we call girls in Bangalore wear out of our youth and it’s time to bid adieu to our profession of escorting and when we look back and rewind our story we are filled with pride in sailing and steering our life in the most efficient way.
We female escorts in Bangalore constantly advocate the truth of being courageous and veracious in our line of work and without courage in this trade of escorting and we escorts in Bangalore cannot survive in this society who keep slaughtering us for pursuing the escorting profession.
We call girls in Bangalore live the life of escorts to grow and to grow in our career as escort we are constantly adapting to the changes and to change we escorts in Bangalore are learning the changes and getting exposed to the new world.

When we escorts in Bangalore are living a life reclusive we get addicted to our own thoughts and are sanguine women in not complicating our life and live our own life of a queen in queen style!!